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Petition against Human Rights Violation:

We have filed many important petitions against Human Rights violation in Odisha as well as different part of the country. This year we have filed 22 cases before National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and 25 cases in State Human Rights Commission, Odisha. We also filed various petition for protection of Child and women rights before the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) and National Commission for Women (NCW).


Some Important Cases before NHRC


Man Made Flood:

IMC filed a petition on 17.09.2011 before NHRC alleging that the high flood in river Mahanadi in the first half of September, 2011, is man-made flood. Mismanagement of water and violation of curve rule at Hirakud reservoir leads to heavy flood in small rivers, which created havoc in the state submerging more than 4000 villages spread over 19 District affecting 11 lakh people and leaving more than 22 dead. We alleged that, Due to callous attitude of the Government official this type flood situation arises. So it is a case of human rights violation. Taking this case, NHRC issue notice to the Chief Secretary and Home Secretary, Govt. of Odisha, on 11 October 2011, calling a report within four weeks. By this time the concerned authority has submitted their reports and it is under consideration of NHRC.


Police Torture in Ramlila Ground:

IMC filed a petition Before NHRC in a death case of woman by police lathi charge. Baba Ramdev devotee Mrs. Raj Bala, a 51-year old woman of Gurgaon died on 26.092011 at G.B. Pant Hospital in New Delhi. IMC in its petition alleged that, it was a police torture case. She came to Delhi in support of Ramdev Baba’s Movement at Ramlilla Maidan. On 4th June 2011 night Delhi police attacked the meeting place and used batons and fired tear gas to disperse the thousands from the ground. Raj Bala suffered crippling spinal injury in this police crackdown and died after a critical condition for the past 114 days. NHRC issues notice to the Commissioner of Police, Delhi, on 1st November 2011, calling for a report within four weeks. A report dated 10.11.2011 has been received from the Additional Commissioner of Police, Vigilance, Delhi. She informs that the question of ex-gratia relief is to be decided by the Government of NCT of Delhi and necessary information should be sought from it. Then, the Commission had issued notice to the Chief Secretary, Government of NCT of Delhi, to inform the Commission if any ex-gratia relief has been provided to the next of kin of the late Smt. Rajbala. By this time, Hon’ble Supreme court of India ordered for a compensation to the victims of police crackdown at a Ramlilla Maidan.

Operation Majnu in Meerut:

Meerut (U.P) Police carried out an illegal operation named “Operation Majnu” in the month of November 2011. In this Operation, hundreds of youth were rounded up and taken in truck and police vans to police stations illegally. The Police vans were colorfully named “Majnu ka Pinjara”. The youths were paraded around the city, even as they tried to hide their faces. As it was a case of Human Rights Violation, IMC intervened into the issue and filed a petition before NHRC. NHRC transferred the case to Uttar Pradesh Human Rights Commission u/s 13(6) of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993, for disposal in accordance with the Provisions of the act.

Workers Stranded in Uganda:

11 workers of Puri District in Odisha were stranded in Uganda since June 2011. They were ill treated there. IMC filed a petition before NHRC on 31.10.11 in this issue. NHRC transmitted the complaint to the Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India for its disposal at his end. Mean while all the workers set free from Uganda by the initiative of Ministry of External Affairs.


Infant deaths in Kolkata Hospital:

18 infant death in B.C. Roy hospital in Kolkata was the subject of discussion in the month of October, 2011.  In June, 2011 the same hospital has witness the death of 18 babies. IMC alleges before the NHRC that due to negligence and bad treatment the babies are died. Our petition is clubbed together with the first case in the same matter. The Commission has taken cognizance in this case and directed to call for report from the concerned authority. The report has not been received within the stipulated period. The Commission takes a very serious view and directs its Registry to issue final reminder to the concerned authority calling for the report within four weeks, failing which the Commission shall be constrained to invoke the provisions of Section-13 of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993.

 Custodial Death in Orissa Police Station:

One Ajay Kumar Biswal (age about 50 Years) of Bankipada village under Nilagiri Police limit in Baleswar District of Orissa have died in police custody in Iswarpur police outpost on 23rd November 2011. Police detained Mr. Biswal in a very silly case. But day after detention his dead body was found lying on a paddy field in Andira village on 24th November, 2011. It suspected that after severe tortured Mr. Biswal died in Police outpost and his dead body has been thrown in night. IMC took this case to NHRC. The commission directs to its DG (Investigation) to collect the requisite reports from the concerned authority within eight weeks.


Human Rights violation of Bonda Tribe in Odisha:

In some section of media, it is reported that – Tour operators have been offering titillating “human safaris” in Odisha that provide a close look at the Bonda tribe. Tours Operators are offering tourist to see ‘Human Safaris’ in Odisha. They are advertising that tourists can see the lifestyle of tattooed, heavily beaded, nearly naked Bonda tribal people, their day-to-day activity and their extremely primitive way of living”. They target Jeypore area (District Head Quarter of Tribal dominated Koraput District in Odisha), where approximately 6,000 members of Bondas are residing in a group. But tour operators are trying to showcase them as jungle animals. So they are offering tourist the ‘Human Safaris’ for their enjoyment. Not only those based abroad, even India-based tour operators are also promoting questionable human safaris in Orissa. Some tour business men are trying to gain by trading the tribal people for commercial uses. They are also uses derogatory terms and advertising their nakedness in public only for business purposes. These tribal peoples are living a special traditional life. They are not adopting modern society’s life style so easily. But they have right to live respectfully and undisturbed. But this type of attitude, advertisement and actions by the tour operators totally a violation of Human rights of this tribal group. IMC took up this issue to NHRC on 27.01.2012. NHRC consider the case and transmit a copy of the complaint to the Secretary, Department of Tourism & Cultural, Bhubaneshwar, Govt. of Odisha calling for an action taken report within four weeks.

 Policeman attacks mentally challenged:

A 40-year old mentally challenged Ram Krishna Agrawal was being brutally beaten up by a officer-in-charge of a local police station and his four juniors policemen in Madhya Pradesh’s Satna City. They beat him up till he bled and unconscious. Later he was tied with a rope and taken to the police station. IMC filed a petition in this issue for the intervention of NHRC. By this time the Commission took cognizance in these complaints and called for the reports which are awaited. Again the commission issue reminder calling for requisite report within four weeks.


Justice for tortured and raped woman of Rajasthan:

A woman belonging to the minority community was sold by her husband for money and she was repeatedly raped for three long months. Her in-laws openly stripped her and her hair was cut. Her two year old daughter was snatched and taken to Raipur for child marriage. This incident occurs in a remote village Gunda Ka Bala in Beawar district in Rajasthan. Victim has given F.I.R. against 24 villagers in Beawar police station. But no action is being taken. IMC filed a petition for justice to the woman. NHRC transferred the case to the Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission u/s 13(6) of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993, for disposal in accordance with the provision of Act.

 Starvation death in Odisha:

One Laxman Jagat (27) of Kuliadangri village in Karanbahal gram panchayat of sinapali block of Nuapad District died on – 25 NOV, 2011. His brother, Ghasi Jagat in his complaint to the police said Laxman was suffering from prolonged illness due to malnutrition. His wife and daughter left the house leaving behind Laxman and his widowed mother. Since then the two have been surviving on her meager old-age pension. And a day after Laxman breathed his last, Lochani Bewa (60) of the village also died due to malnutrition on 26th Nov, 2011. No rice was procured using the Antodaya card for the last three months. Similarly, Durbal Nag (55) of the village also died on 26th Nov, 2011 leaving behind a physically-challenged son, Ralen. The father-son duo depended on their quota rice which failed to reach them in the absence of a proper distribution system.

One Jatra Khilar (60) of San Dangaghat village under Reamal block of Deogarh died of starvation on 04.12.11 morning. The incident came to light after Jatra’s son Prasanna Khilar lodged a complaint in Reamal police station about the death of his father due to starvation. As per reports, Jatra was residing in the village along with his wife Chandri for the last 17 years while their only son Prasanna was residing in their ancestral village at Pendrakhol under the same gram panchayat. The elderly couple were residing in a makeshift shed after their house was destroyed during the last monsoon and eking out a living by begging. They were allegedly deprived of old age pension and other government benefits. Sources said even as they ran from pillar to post to get financial assistance, it yielded no response. IMC intervened in this matter and filed the petition before NHRC. As this case was related to an earlier case, both the matters were clubbed together. NHRC issue notice to the Odisha Government and respond from concerned authority is awaited by NHRC.

Human Rights of Tibetans in India:

A Tibetan young activist died on 28th March 2012 after setting himself on fire on 26th March, 2012 in New Delhi to protest Chinese rule of the Himalayan region, activists said, hours before Chinese President Hu Jintao was due to arrive in India for a summit of emerging market nations. Jamyang Yeshi, 27, set himself ablaze on 26th March, 2012 at a protest criticizing President Hu’s visit. He died from his injuries at the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in New Delhi at 7:30am on 28th March 2012. He suffered burn injuries across 98 percent of his body.

Born in Tibet but living in exile in India, Yeshi was an activist with the youth organization, which seeks independence for the Himalayan region, under Chinese rule for more than six decades. Yeshi had sneaked into India from Tibet in 2006 and had been living in New Delhi for the past six years. Pictures taken by photographer showed the activist running down a street enveloped in flames. But no police or security personnel are trying to save him. Police would have saved him. But No initiative was taken by the police. IMC filed a petition before NHRC and case is registered and it is under consideration of the Commission.


Custodial death in Alipingal jail in Odisha:

An under-trail prisoner is suspiciously dead in Alipingal Jail under Jagatsingpur District in Odisha on 02.03.12. One Aravind Mallick S/O Duryadhan Mallick at- Bhagabanpur, Marshaghai Block, Kendrapada, Odisha, who is in Alipingal Jail from 9th December, 2011, found dead on 02.03.2012 in Jail. According to Jail official his body was found in the Latrine room of the Jail. He was brought dead to the District Headquarter Hospital in Jagatsingpur with Hand cupped. It is suspected that due to torture or negligence on part of jail officials or gang war among prisoners, Arvind is dead. IMC took up the issue and filed a case before NHRC. The case is registered and is under consideration.

 Against cast atrocity:

Two tribal persons were seriously injured and about 50 houses of scheduled caste family torched in a clash between two groups in Chandili area of Odisha’s Rayagada district on 29.3.2012. The clash took place between residents of nearby village Sanachandili-Badachandili and Kalahandipada-Nuapada villages over a trivial matter. As a fallout of the violent clash, a group stormed into Kalahandipada village on 29th March, 2012 and set afire about 50 houses of SC family in presence of local police. Although the police was present their, no action was taken. IMC took up the case before NHRC and it is under consideration.



Fight for a boy who was killed in Celebrating fire of Politicians:

A 12-year-old boy was killed in Uttar Pradesh’s Bhim Nagar district on 06.03.2011, when supporters of the Samajwadi Party (SP) fired in the air to celebrate the victory of party candidate Iqbal Masood in the assembly polls. Mohammad Danyal, age about 12 years old, was killed in Deep Sarai area in Sambhal assembly constituency under Bhim Nagar district. He was standing near some SP workers who were firing shots when a bullet hit him in the chest. He died on the spot. IMC filed a petition before NHRC and it is now under consideration.


Some Important Cases before OHRC


Rights of a mentally challenged:

IMC in a petition dated 08.10.2011 had drawn the attention of the OHRC about a mentally challenged person ignored by the authority, police and public. In Bramhagiri Bazar of Puri District, mentally retarded person is being seen with his two hands chained, for which he is not able to take his food. Considering the case OHRC sent a copy of the petition along with news clipping to Collector and District Magistrate, Puri to look into the matter and arrange to free him from the chain immediately and send him to a mental doctor for treatment.

 Fight for Freedom Fighter’s Right to live:

IMC filed a petition on 28.11.2011 about 90 years old Jadumani Pradhan of Kalyanpur village in Nayagarh District, who has denied Freedom Fighters Pension by the authority. He was a member of Azad Hind of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and bears bullet mark on his body. He had applied for Freedom Fighters Pension but his case was ignored. OHRC pass an order to the Collector & District Magistrate, Nayagarh to look into the matter and ensure timely disbursement of the old age pension and consider him for benefit under any other welfare scheme of the Government subject to his eligibility.

 Negligence in treatment:

IMC filed a petition on 06.01.2012 alleging that one Binodini Senapati of Bhingarpur, Balianta of Khurdha District, face heavy side effect due to heavy doses of anesthesia. Binodini was operated in Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar on 3rd March, 2009. At that time she was administered anesthesia 3 times. After operation, she returned home the next day but felt heaviness in her legs besides, having eruptions. Binodini got the problem checked up by the same doctor and was taking medicines but there has been no relief and she is gradually getting invalid. Considering the petition of IMC, OHRC pass an order to Chief Medical Officer, Capital Hospital to attend to the patient if and when she comes for treatment to the Capital Hospital.


Operation in Torch light:

IMC seek intervention of OHRC in a case, where a doctor operated a woman with the help of torch light and the Gastro-Intestine Track of the patient had been cut. The patient Janaki Sahu, wife of Narendra Sahu was brought by one ASHA to Primary Health Centre, Markandpur in Jajpur for family planning Operation. On 29.09.2011 at about 7 PM Dr. Prasanna Kumar Das operated the patient although there was no electricity. Although the attendant of the patient opposed, the doctor with the help of torch light conducted the operation and the patient was discharged. Later it was discovered that at the time of operation, the Gastro-Intestine Track of the patient had been cut. OHRC pass an order on 26.11.2011 and instruct to Chief District Medical Officer, Jajpur to cause necessary enquiry and submit factual report to the Commission within four weeks. CDMO in his report admit the fault at the time of operation. The case is now under consideration of the commission.

 Child death due to wrong injection:

Adyasha Priyadarshini Dash, a female child of 11 month age was died in Puri District Head Quarter Hospital on 28.09.2011 after administration of a wrong injection. IMC took up the issue before Orissa Human Rights Commission. As our petition raises violation of human rights, OHRC sent a copy of the petition along with enclosure to the Chief District Medical Officer, Puri. The commission passé a order on 24.10.2011 to CDMO to enquire into the matter and submit a factual report to the Commission within four weeks. CDMO in his report confirm the incident but doubt whether the injection was poisonous or not. As the sample of the injection has been sent for chemical analysis, the commission again ordered to CDMO to submit additional report within six weeks. The case is pending before OHRC for disposal.


Fight against Corporate Violence:

One Bapuji Sahu, aged about 22, was killed by Security personnel of Bhusan Steel Plant in Kantabania of Denkanal District on07.10.2011. Police of Bhusan P.S. denied receiving any F.I.R. against the company guards. Company official also threatened the family of the victim to not go to any police or court. Otherwise they will face dare consequence. IMC filed a petition before the OHRC about the violation of human rights by the company. OHRC instruct to Superintendent of Police, Dhenkanal to cause necessary enquiry and submit report to the commission within six weeks. The case is pending before OHRC.


Kidney Disease Village case:

India Media Centre in its petition dated 06.01.2012 draw the attention of OHRC about two villages where more than 11 persons died due to Kidney related disease. In Rampur and Dhanradada village under Agalpur Block of Bolangir District, 5 persons have died of Kidney disease in the last two months while 11 more are found to be suffering from the same disease. Due to inaction of the district administration the situation in these village are alarming. OHRC registered a case and directed to the Collector and District Magistrate, Bolangir to enquire the matter and submit a factual report to the commission in four weeks’ time. The case is pending before the commission for final judgment.

 Kidney Removal of a minor boy:

In a private nursing home situated at professorpada, Cuttack city a child aged about 3 years was admitted for treatment on 21.12.2011 and in the name of treatment, his kidney was removed on 23.12.2011 which resulted in his death. IMC took up the issue before OHRC. The Commission directed to the Commissioner-cum-Secretary to the Government, Health & Family Welfare Department, to enquiry the matter and to submit a factual report to the commission within four weeks.

 Kujanga Crackers explosion case:

IMC seeks intervention of OHRC in Kujang crackers explosion case, where six persons including a 10 years old boy died, when they march towards a political procession. After explosion, the victims are praying for help, but nobody gave the helping hand. Even some political leader went to the procession in that way, but didn’t look after the victim. They are died one by one in S.C.B.Hospital, Cuttack. Considering our petition, OHRC directed to the Superintendent of Police, Jagatsinghpur on 15.02.2012 to examine the allegations and submit a factual report to the commission within four weeks.


Death of a youth at the time of Physical test:

IMC seek intervention of commission in a case of youth death in the physical test done by Orissa State Armed Police (OSAP). One Nilaya Kumar Ray of Jagatsinghpur district had gone to Koraput to attend an interview of constable in OSAP, 3rd Battalion. The said candidate participated in the physical test on 15.11.2011 and at the last leg he fell down. While he was being taken to the hospital, he died. We alleged that the administration conducts examinations and interviews of thousand candidates without making proper arrangement of food and medical treatment for them.  Considering the petition of IMC, OHRC directed to the Commandant, OSAP, 3rd Battalion, Koraput to examine the matter and submit a factual report to the commission within four weeks.

 Ex-Sarapanch waiting for his death:

IMC had submitted a Petition stating that Birupakhya Mishra, ex-Sarapanch of Deipur under Kanas Block is waiting for his death due to starvation. It is further stated in the petition that 60 years old Mishra is suffering from spinal cord tumor since 2009 but he has no means for treatment. OHRC sent the petition to the Collector and District Magistrate, Puri to look into the matter and provide government help and take steps for treatment of Birupakhya Mishra and communicate the action taken to the petitioner within six weeks.

 Minor girl tortured and faces acid attack:

IMC seeks intervention of OHRC in Sangita torture and acid attack case. Two years ago i.e. 2009 due to poverty,  parents of Sangita sold her to a person residing at Mancheswar at Bhubaneswar for her better future, but the said person tortured Sangita by deploying her in household work. On one occasion, due to a silly mistake the owner poured acid on her, as a result she sustained severe injuries on her body. Then Sangita was engaged in begging by her owner. As there was no other way, Sangita takes shelter under the same owner despite repeated torture. Last few days, her uncle Pradip Pradhan found her and took with him but is unable to treat Sangita due to poverty. Sangita’s treatment is possible by operation for which huge amount money is required. OHRC pass a order on 27.01.2012 to the Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Government, Health & Family Welfare Department to get the allegation inquired into and take appropriate action at her level within three months of the order.


Relief works:

IMC always stands behind the needy people at the time of natural calamity. This year we have helped the many villagers of Pipili and Gop block at the time of high flood. We have organized two relief camps at Gop Block and one at Khairikund of Pipili Block. More than 500 people are benefited by these camps.

 Workshop on Human Rights  for Women:

This year IMC have organized a Women workshop in Pipili of Puri District on 10th Dec, 2011(i.e. Human Rights Day). More than 80 women delegates from different sections participated in this state level workshop. Topic of the work shop was ‘Human Rights of women’.

Workshop on Democracy:

IMC has organized a workshop on the topic ‘Privileges of the legislature Versus People’s Right’ on Utkal Diwas (i.e. 1st April, 2011) in Pipili. Senior Advocate Gangadhar Panigrahi and Columnist Bhagirathi Mahasuar were the Chief Guest and Chief Speaker on this occasion. Many Journalists, intellectuals, political activists were participated in this workshop. Local newspaper “AROMV” has collected people opinion in this workshop and these are published next week in the newspaper.

Protest against Corruption:

IMC has protested any misuse of Public Property. In Kamala Sagar Patana village, where IMC office is situated, some political workers had acquired the village pond and had taken all revenue by selling fish from the pond. As this pond belongs to Panchayat, it should be auctioned. But due to political pressure some people have got benefitted by illegal means. IMC intervened in the matter and lodge a FIR in Pipili police station about the misuse of Government property. But local police is reluctant to register a case against the guilty person due to political pressure. We then sought the intervention of Honorable Odisha High Court. Court ordered to District Superintendent of Police to take necessary action. After the verdict, one FIR is lodged against these persons.


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